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LifeSigns Reviews and Feedback

3,466 positive reviews since August 20, 2009

Since LifeSigns was introduced back in 2009, we’ve asked people for detailed, written feedback.  We wanted to dig deeper than a typical Amazon review, so we asked for both positive and negative feedback to guide improvements:

   •   What did you like about LifeSigns?  Why?  (please be specific)
   •   What did NOT work well?  Any changes or improvements?  (anything goes)

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Top Section
"I have never talked to God in this way."
Have a conversation with God

Have a "vertical conversation" with God...


"I believe I actually had a conversation with God tonight.  It was refreshing, embarrassing, encouraging – all at the same time."


"It was truly an extraordinary experience.  I was actually talking with God like He was right here in the room with me.  Hearing Him ask me the questions and answering Him, I felt safe.  I was finally honest for the first time in a long while."

"I love how it enabled me to be honest with God and honest with myself.  I'm surprised by how much it truly felt like a conversation with God.  It was awesome to talk with God and explain to Him my struggles in my relationship with Him.  I feel like I grew closer to God by being so open and vulnerable."

"Wow!  I actually felt like God was asking me these questions."

"I liked the feeling of a one on one conversation with God.  I heard people say that it was like that, but honestly, I didn’t believe it.  It was not until I prayed after answering a few questions that I started feeling like God and I were chatting on the web.  Pretty cool."

"I've never done anything like this before.  It was the conversation with God that I needed."

"Loved it.  What great, gentle questions and prompting to really allow you to think about areas of growth without being soaked in condemnation.  This was truly a conversation I could imagine having with Jesus over a cup of coffee."



"I feel like I'm able to finally get this stuff off my chest that I'm cannot share with others.  I admit, when I first heard about this in church, I thought it was strange.  I thought, "This isn't really God talking to me.  It's someone pretending to be Him."  But once you get started, you really can tell that God is speaking to you throughout the process.  Sometimes it was freaky, but other times, it was amazing."

"I probably wouldn’t have had a conversation with God like this without LifeSigns."

"I loved that it encouraged me to sit down and have an honest conversation with God about "How I'm doing."  It was emotional at times and a little frightening to actually put some of those things in writing."


"I liked that it was presented as if Jesus was talking to me in a warm, conversational tone."

"I loved the freedom to be honest and open.  It allowed me to look deep into my heart and be vulnerable with Jesus.  It covered many areas...finances, attitudes, sin struggles, work, family, goals.  It was very comprehensive!"

"I was free to be honest without being judged."
It's safe, confidential, non-judgemental

It's safe, confidential, non-judgemental...


"It felt safe and it allowed me to think about some issues I've been pushing aside for a long time."

"I liked that LifeSigns was a safe place to be real.  It asked me questions that no one has asked of me.  It was challenging in that I had to be honest, but also freeing in that I could just lay it all out there and I did not have to worry about someone else getting and reading it."

"It allowed me the opportunity to be real with myself and look at areas in my heart that I did not know where there.  I was able to look at things from a real and honest perspective without fear of judgement."

"I loved how intimate of a conversation it was. I felt like it was a safe place to be completely open and honest, and since it forced me to sit down and really think, God was able to accomplish SO much! He used the questions to bring clarity to how He's been working in me."

"I love LifeSigns because it allowed me to open up without feeling judged. I made me think about specific times or situations that I usually sweep under a rug. I could be open and honest and feel good about it. I like the fact that God is the only one listening."

"I love that it opens up a free and safe conversation with God about difficult issues."



"The experience felt safe.  The depth and breadth of the questions helped me analyze my relationship with God from pretty much every angle.  The definitions and structure really enabled me to articulate my authentic answers.  I have started the LifeSigns book and I’m very glad to have it.  What I've read so far is great."

"I like that it's totally safe, and I feel free to write what is on my heart without being condemned."

"It is good to have a place where I can just express myself and not be judged.  I was able to talk things out and see that I am not a lost cause."

"It felt very safe. I was able to be completely honest without feeling judgement.  It made me consider and think about things I haven't for a long time."


"I liked that I was able to be truly honest with myself in a safe environment.  I did feel like I was talking with God as I answered questions.  It's good to sit down and evaluate myself – now I have hope to grow."


"I could be honest without feeling ashamed or judged.  It was just me and GOD."

"Once it's all down on paper it allows you to be specific and move forward with God and not remain stuck.

"It was a life-changing experience."
Be open and honest

Be open and honest...


"I feel like I'm talking to my best friend.  It brought tears to my eyes."


"It really did feel like a conversation with my Heavenly Father!  It even got to the point I was writing my prayers in the responses. It's very emotional, I wasn't prepared for just how emotional it would be.  It made me realize how much I have to work on. This was a good push to get me moving on stagnant parts of my life."

"It definitely showed me some things I was blind to."

"Wow.  I realized some things I have been hiding that I thought I was dealing with. It kinds asked some hard questions that I had been avoiding and not thinking or responding too.  I did feel like I was safe and that God and I were having a conversation and that I could tell him anything.  I admitted some things I have not admitted before."

"It was intense.  I felt like He was really there, beside me, chatting.  In some ways, just doing this has helped.  I hope this feeling continues."

"I was forced to take a sometimes brutal look at myself and my failures.  It was a life changing experience.  Thank you for this opportunity to get to know myself better even when some of the questions were difficult to answer, God was sitting by my side through the tears and hesitation."



"I liked that you asked hard questions.  It brought to light what has been in the back of my mind for a long time."

"I like that it is designed to get to the truth of my life. I appreciate the difficult questions, and frankly, was prepared to take this leap into growing deeper - I have been looking for such a tool and it seems to have come just in time."

"I like the honesty and I feel like Life Signs will help me to connect with God and Jesus Christ on a deeper level."

"I really liked this because it gave me a chunk of time to reflect and spill my guts to the Lord.  I’ve done that on my own, but not at this deep of a level and not with so many details.  This is a good guide to helping me converse with the Lord!  Although He knows everything I put in before I even did so, I know He is delighted to sit and chat on a deeper level with His daughter! :)"

"This also helps me realize how He always is there, waiting and longing to have deep conversations. This pushes me to want that more! :)"

"I feel like I got it out of my brain and onto paper.  I feel some hope now.  Like I might actually get some help. I have been afraid to do that before now. I'm broken and I haven't had the strength until now to say something. Thank you!"

"I bared my soul to my Heavenly Father."
Explore your true feelings

Explore your true feelings...


"I felt like I was able to freely communicate thoughts and feelings with the Lord.  I know He knows what is going on in me anyway but I don't always verbalize them.  I wrote quite a bit which allowed me to get out some feelings that I needed to."

"It made me really think about my relationship with Christ and others...definitely brought tears to my eyes."

"I liked that is prompts a candid conversation with not only Christ, but myself. I finally had to get real with myself and admit that there are things I struggle with and things that I need to improve upon, a lot. This has opened my eyes to the areas in my life and relationship with Christ that I really need to work on."


"WOW.  It really made me evaluate and listen to the tugging on my heart.  The questions real are thought provoking."

"Really felt like it was okay to be honest.  There were no right or wrong answers.  I am thinking in a different way and feel like a lot has been lifted off my shoulders, have more hope."



"The first few screens brought me to tears in assessing where I am. I really did feel like God was speaking to me, urging me to talk honestly."

"During this personal dialogue with God, and answering the sets of questions, I found myself drenched in tears - trying to honestly search me."

"I enjoyed my personal conversation with God.  Many tears of sadness and joy were experienced during this special time spent with my heavenly Father."

"It really made me think and FEEL.  The tears I shed washed the away the shame.  I bared my soul to My Heavenly Father…and now I FEEL."

"Writing down my deepest thoughts and concerns is somewhat exhausting, but also freeing. It had made me do a lot of weeping and gnashing of emotions."

"How did it go?  I'm crying right will let ya know later."

"I love how it uses Scripture."
Guided by Scripture

Guided by Scripture...


"I love how it uses Scripture to really point me to what God is saying. It is real and raw and speaks to the main things affecting my life and relationship with God today. Thank you!"


"I like the questions directly asked by God's words, that makes it very personal and encouraging.  I am glad it is so heavily based on Scripture."

"LifeSigns is a cool way to take my spiritual “temperature.”  I like this idea a great deal.  It points me in the direction of areas of growth and backs them up with Scripture."


"God spoke directly to me via the Scripture included in LifeSigns. I asked a question on one page, and He answered me with a verse on the next page.  Thank you Lord!"

"I like how the whole thing is God speaking, using Bible verses used to back up various statements."

"LifeSigns was thorough, clear, and used Scripture appropriately.  It kept the focus on my relationship with Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit."



"I love the Scripture at the beginning of each section and the way the initial question is posed as if it's coming from God. It was great way to be reminded of the fact that it was a conversation between He and I."

"I really like how to the point the questions were, and how Scripture-based it was. It was very poignant and hard to answer some of the questions, but they were necessary and helpful."

"I like the words of encouragement and Scripture before each questionnaire.  I felt like I was having a conversation with my father."

"I like the questions directly asked by God's words.  That makes it very personal and encouraging.  I am glad it is so heavily based on Scripture."

"I loved the Bible verses and how it really was worded like a conversation with God."

"The questions gave me pause and made me pray, think and analyze. I really liked the Bible verse selections as they helped me pray through some questions that I found difficult to answer."

"It helped me design a plan for my life."
Identify your next steps

Identify your next steps...


"I LOVED the way that LifeSigns allowed me to get real with the Father and share some things that have been weighing heavily on me for years.  It's very cathartic to journal out my fears, failures, joys and triumphs as a believer in a non-threatening and intimate way.  Now, the next step is to keep the wheels in motion and put actions with these discoveries.  Thank you."


"I have never done anything like this before.  I liked taking the time to think things thru and actually writing down my thoughts and heart.  I look forward to having a plan."


"It gave some good actions steps.  It started with a large selection and narrowed down to the most important.  And then ended with a specific “step of faith.”

"I like that LifeSigns doesn't shy away from the hard issues of life, but encourages and asks me to come up with a next step, or action plan, to make the changes I need to make."

"I completed this exercise with some concrete areas where I can grow spiritually and allowed me to take the action steps needed to make these changes in my life."

"It clarified my priorities, struggles, and action steps I need to take."



"This is right on.  I love that it drilled down to a tangible step of faith to take today."

"It helped me stop and think about tough questions regarding my everyday life.  It forced me to face some issues that I have been sweeping under the rug.  I can now take crucial steps to address these important life issues so that I can answer God's calling for my life in an impactful way."


"It helped me design a plan with next steps for my life.  Helped me prioritize and find a path forward."

"LOVED this!!  Forced me to think about questions I typically put off. I especially loved the way it was written from God's perspective – that seemed to keep my answers honest!  Can't wait to take this plan and work on myself & my relationship with our heavenly father. Please pray for my growth!!"


"It allowed me to tell the truth to myself and God without feeling judged. I realized how far I need to come in my relationship with God and others and that I want to take steps to do that. I am looking into joining a small group and hoping that I can be authentic with them about my need to grow without hiding the things that are lacking in my faith."

"It was freeing and life-giving to open up."
Have a horizontal conversation

Have a "horizontal conversation"...


"The horizontal conversation was healing, as I talked through items with my husband.  Some of which we have discussed in the past, but with LifeSigns we went into greater detail."

"My horizontal conversation was freeing and life-giving to be able to open up about some sensitive issues in my life."

"My horizontal conversation went well.  As a result of the conver-sation I set some challenging goals to achieve my spiritual growth."

"I had a good horizontal conversation that led to discoveries of what is holding me back in my faith and how to improve it."

"The horizontal conversation went well as I was able to share with someone I trust and that I know has my best interests in mind.  I think the result was that I had a better perspective of what Jesus is currently doing in my life and where I need to continue to be stretched in some areas."

"I was able to share my profile with my hubby in our "State of Our Union" dinner last night."

"LifeSigns helped me see the true need in our lives is for us to develop personal relationships that we can have honest conversations that can help us grow.  It is not about having one person, but many people that can be our friends, confidants, and partners where we mutually listen and advise each other."



"It was great.  I've been dealing with some challenges and historically hold thig pretty close to the vest.  This really complimented what I was going for through and pushed me to take a real leap of faith and share.  Thank you!"


"The horizontal conversation was awesome.  We are holding each other accountable to follow up with reading the recommended resource material."

"It was what I needed to continue walking through the circumstances I was in. Jesus brought my old mentor all the way from India to surprise me. What a gracious, loving, gentle God.  I didn't know what to do next.  I was stuck.  She helped me walk through the next step.  I am so very thankful."

"Great conversation that dovetailed nicely with getting to know a new person in LifeGroup.  We started a friendship!"

"I am part of an accountability group of six women that has been together for approx 15 years.  When we focused on my LifeSigns results, I was able to pull together a good plan for the next year, and follow-up for years ahead."

"I think LifeSigns, along with the Bible study I'm in, has brought me to a new place with the Father. I am available to him, without restrictions.  That's new!"

"I took a hard look at myself."
Deal with tough issues

Deal with tough issues...


"I cried throughout the entire process.  I truly felt Him here.  I have felt so alone for so long.  I took a hard look at myself and sure didn't like everything I saw.  I tend to put up a good front, but I feel like damaged goods most of the time."

"Honestly, I needed to get all that stuff out.  I hate, hate my life.  It gave me a chance to express my rage towards God and the world."

"It challenged me to really ask myself and God tough questions that I didn't even realize I was avoiding until now.  I don't necessarily have an answer yet for those questions, but I feel God tugging on my heart calling me to take the steps to discover the answers about myself through Him."


"You can’t run away from the questions you really want to avoid."

"Deep honest questions – heartbreaking answers (at least when they are honestly answered).  Honesty is a requirement to face the truth. I need courage to allow God to fix these problems, or once again turn away in despair; hiding from God and living a life without hope or purpose."

"Helped to get my hurts out there and begin the process of healing."



"This exposed some things that I haven't truly faced about myself.  I know – but I choose to brush them aside.  It confirmed what I already knew.  I’ve been hiding from myself."


"I like being prompted by the hard questions or the “elephant in the room” questions.  It reveals my areas of weakness and struggle."

"I was so glad you asked questions about sex in the marriage section.  We are so discouraged by all the failed sex lives, and marriages, we see in Christians around us.  You may need a support group to help couples struggling in that area after the survey!"

"I think it is a good way to dig deep into what is really wrong in your life."

"I never want to burden anyone with any of my own pain.  I always feel like no one really wants to hear it, so I always keep everything bottled up inside.  LifeSigns helped me to remember that someone DOES want to hear it.  God always wants to hear my troubles, as well as my joys and triumphs...and He always wants me to talk to Him.  It made me feel like I'm not so alone. I'm kind of going through some tough times lately, and this helped me to put all of that into perspective and see the good in my life."

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