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Where is your church headed?

Two ways to turn insight into action:




LifeSigns Report

"Know well the condition of

your flock."

– Proverbs 17:17    

Strategy Sessions


"Equip people for works of service, so the body of Christ may be built up."

– Ephesians 4:12

How do the report and strategy sessions work together?


LifeSigns insight

Explore the health of your church

across 18 key dimensions.  

Zoom-in on areas of concern.


LifeSigns focus

Focus your preaching and programs

on the greatest needs

of the body.


LifeSigns action

Align your ministry plans, budget, and staff for the greatest impact.

Measure the results one year later.

What's in the church-wide LifeSigns report?

LifeSigns church-wide report
Individual Health:  Drill Down into 12 Key Areas

•  Relationships

•  Walking with Christ

•  Healing and Grace

•  Money and Finances

•  Living for Christ

•  Hurtful Habits (addiction)

•  Married Life

•  Single Life

•  Work Life

•  Student Life

•  Looking for Work

•  Parenting

LifeSigns church-health report
Church Health:  Drill Down into 6 Key Areas

•  Giving

•  Serving

•  Connecting (small groups)

•  Evangelism

•  Missions

•  Priorities for Growth

LifeSigns church obstacles to growth
Obstacles to Growth:  "If not, why not?"

•  Actual giving vs. desired giving

•  Serving inside and outside the church

•  Small Group barriers to joining, attending, and connecting

•  Hurtful Habits (addiction):  specific struggles, lies they believe,

    and attempts to break free

How do the LifeSigns strategy sessions work?

We'll help you turn information into insight, and

insight into action.


For over fifty years, Dr. Howard G. Hendricks taught Bible exposition at Dallas Theological Seminary.  Today, pastors around the globe follow his axiom of "Observation > Interpretation > Application" as they prepare their sermons.  


The same approach works beautifully with LifeSigns data.  Here's how...


What does the LifeSigns data say

about your church?

What does it mean for your church?


What does it say?  Your 40-page LifeSigns report covers 120 different metrics, with graphs, charts, and yes, statistics.  Don't worry.  We're experts at making the complex simple.  You'll be an expert in no time.

What does it mean?  We help you explore the implications for your ministry.  And because context is critical, we'll share insights from our research and provide benchmarking against other churches.  

What will we do about it?

Now what?  We'll guide you through a proven process to identify your top priorities for preaching, programs, and ministry.  We'll share examples from churches who leverage LifeSigns results to flourish. 

What are church members saying?

"I like the fact that our Church is given a composite picture of the LifeSigns scores on the different points of focus.  We can then look back and determine if our programs are on track, and whether we are growing our congregation up or just maintaining the status quo."


"I LOVE the fact that you are actually using the statistics from this program to help the overall Church.  The fact that our pastor referred to the marriage statistics in church last week, tells me that you are using this information to provide relevant sermons to the congregation and you are attempting to meet the needs and provide support for specific needs that have been identified."


"I like how the Church will use this information to teach and guide in the future."


"The LifeSigns survey has also helped me to realize that this church is the place for me because they can offer what I really need.  My church cares about me and I can see that now.  Thanks, I feel loved and definitely feel like I can make positive changes within myself and others through the church."


"I like that the fact that our church is wanting to know how it's flock is doing."


"I appreciate the fact that the church has developed a way to evaluate the needs of each member of the body and specifically respond to those needs.  This church is a beautiful place to be."

"I LOVE the fact that our Church uses the data gathered from LifeSigns to determine upcoming sermon topics. I like the fact that it was easy to understand and aligned with the church's focus/vision."


"I like that our church uses LifeSigns results to create great teaching."


"I think this is not only an invaluable tool for the individual, but the concept of getting a true read about the needs of the church is amazing.  I would think that this is far and away the most valuable tool for correcting a churches shortcomings and direction that have ever been utilized.  If the people are honest, then the data doesn't lie.  It keeps our pastor preaching about things that we need, not just things he likes…not that he would do that.  Being a stats guy, I can appreciate the value of have the cumulative data."


"It shows that this Church deeply cares about how I'm doing in these areas and wants to offer help where I need it."


"I can see the potential power of this information to really find the heart of the people at this church."


"This information in a mass form will be helpful in leading our church to institute programs, etc.  That will help not only me, but the whole church grow."


"I love how our Church is reaching out in this way and constantly trying to be involved and help.

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