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Learn how to bring LifeSigns to your congregation.



Why offer LifeSigns to your church?

Move from information...

Most pastors rely on attendance, accounting, and applause to measure church health insight  

Gain new insights into health, hurts,

and hurdles to guide preaching

and planning

From consumers...

Many of your people are consumers,

not members owners  

Get more people connected in authentic Biblical


From avoiding it...

Most pastors don't like asking

for money. embracing it  

People in healthy relationships,

small groups, and marriages give 43%-133% more often

"Know well the condition of your flock." 

                                                    – Proverbs 27:23

"Equip people for works of service,               

so the body of Christ may be built up."

– Ephesians 4:12      

Benefits to Pastors:  In their own words...

                     "LifeSigns is designed to teach us all how to

                     talk openly about what is really going on in

                     our lives.  Scott, like the rest of us, is a work in

progress, as you’ll quickly discover as he shares his heart in this book.
     I honestly don’t know another person with the combination of sheer intellect, life experience, and spiritual maturity that God could have selected to create this amazing tool."

             – Pete Briscoe, Senior Pastor, Bent Tree, Dallas TX

                     "As a mid-size church pastor, I need to know

                     the condition of my flock.  LifeSigns works for

                     me on multiple levels.  It encourages my people to have honest conversations with the Lord and with each other, which is critical.
     It also gives me valuable feedback on what is really happening in our church body, better than a typical church survey.  Thanks to LifeSigns I can plan, lead, and shepherd more effectively."

                              – Paul Miller, Campus Pastor, Frisco, TX

                     "LifeSigns is an incredible tool that enables

                     our Church to have a Spiritual Check-up on an

                     annual basis.  It identifies areas that need attention and how to address them. One year later, we can measure the impact of both the pulpit and our ministry.
     Finally, the true blessing is when you meet the church members after service and they look at you and say, "That message was personally written for me.  How did you know?"

          – Mike Wiltz, Executive Pastor, Bent Tree, Dallas, TX

                     "I met Scott Watson 'by accident' a few years

                     ago as I was completing my doctoral studies

                     at Dallas Seminary.  I listened to Scott, along with his pastor, Pete Briscoe, as they unfolded his idea for a tool that would help the Church ask the question "How are you? Really?"  I instantly knew LifeSigns was something McKinney Church needed to be a part of.
      Every page of this book will point you back to Jesus, and for that reason, LifeSigns is powerful."


                – Chris Freeland, Senior Pastor, McKinney Church

What's in the LifeSigns Campaign Kit?

LifeSigns church campaign kit

Watch a LifeSigns sermon (26 min)

What are church members saying?

"I like that my Church is trying to find a way to help people learn what areas in their life that they can grow in."


"All I can say is “Wow.”  To be a part of a Church that cares enough to offer an experience where I can be authentically vulnerable with the Lord is truly a blessing in itself.  I like to be asked the hard questions that make me a little uncomfortable because that's when I know the Lord is really digging deeper into my soul.  If all I wanted was a surface relationship, I can get that on any social media outlet.  Thank you for allowing me to discover the areas I needed to work on…but wasn't truthfully bringing to the forefront of my goals for this next year."


"This is a relevant way to bridge the gap of an impersonal mega church to individual souls in search of drawing closer to God."


"What I appreciate about LifeSigns is that our Church is committed and dedicated to helping the members on a confidential, thought provoking manner.  Thank you for taking the time and effort to make a difference with the church body with this survey."


"LifeSigns is a blessing and timely tool as I find myself headed for divorce.  You see I received this book and listened to an amazing teaching on getting real, this was only my second visit to your church."


"I like the FACT that THIS BODY OF BELIEVERS IS REAL!  This is the way I feel a Church should exist!  CHRIST IS ALIVE AND PRESENT IN THIS CHURCH OF BELIEVERS and I am thankful to have participated in the "LIFE SIGNS" process!"


"I liked having a "homework assignment" from church. LifeSigns is simple enough to do even at work and/or in the midst of a hectic schedule.  It didn’t take a huge commitment to get started, but it’s thought provoking and keeps you focused on life with Christ outside of church on Sunday."


"It was thought provoking.  I liked the grace that was extended, the options for application that were given, and the fact it was like a conversation with the Lord.  I wish this could be shared with other churches.  This is something all churches would benefit from."

"I've never known a Church to do something like this for their members.  It is awesome, thinking outside the box. Many people want to go deep, don't have the means to do it. LifeSigns gives anyone that opportunity.  I love this church!"


"It shows that this Church actually cares about its’ followers and not just the money they bring to it.  I have only been to this church for the last couple of weeks and was surprised by this experiment.  I have never been to a church that cared what all their participants thought and wanted to help in even the smallest of ways. Wonderful idea.  This program and what I have seen in the last couple of weeks makes me want to keep coming every Sunday. So thank you!"


"I have not seen anything like this with any other churches where I could input my thoughts and issues and to be heard. It's a great program where I could learn to trust someone in private."


"I love that our Church has put together this program to help us discover resources to help as well as to understand the 'health' of our church.  What an incredible investment of resources to make this a reality."


"Thank you again for being on top of our needs!  May our God continue providing blessings and expand this LifeSigns program around the globe."


"I loved it.  I love the idea.  I love that my Church is so invested in me – as a member of the body of Christ, as member of the congregation, and as an individual.  I love that my church works tirelessly at helping me understand my relationship with Christ, and at strengthening my relationship with Him."


"Truthfully, I believe that God has touched our church leaders to share with me this wonderful program. LifeSigns is a great way for me to share my troubles without being ashamed. Thank you!"


"I like that my Church cares about how I'm doing in my relationship with Christ.  I appreciate all the time and effort put into creating the LifeSigns process.  Thanks!"

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