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Because life is better together.



Why use LifeSigns in your small groups?

Move from pretending...

People long to become known to someone they can trust. knowing  

Groups begin to share their stories and struggles in a safe, supportive way

From shallow...

People want to move beyond shallow, social interactions. authentic  

Groups learn how to truly

"do life together"

From social...

People want to apply the Bible to the

issues they face. Biblical  

Groups are transformed by the living Word of God

"A friend loves at all times.

 He is there to help when
 trouble comes."  

                           – Proverbs 17:17

What's in the small group curriculum?

LifeSigns small group curriculum

The LifeSigns app – Connect and Grow

LifeSigns app

What are people in small groups saying?

"We plan to use LifeSigns as a center point for discussions in our newly formed Small Group, so I am looking forward to that step."

"As a LifeGroup leader, I like having the available resources to walk my group through their LifeSigns discoveries."

"I have been part of a small group for several years, so going deeper wasn't as hard as it would have been a number of years ago.  Many of the things talked about in LifeSigns are points we talk about regularly.  Several areas were new to the me and the group – it has invited some spirited conversation!"

"LifeSigns is a good conversation starter about the deeper things that you may need a little nudge to discuss (and want to discuss) in our LifeGroup."

"It showed me that I need to be authentic and vulnerable to my LifeGroup, with the people with whom I serve, and with my unbelieving family.  I love LifeSigns because I can be honest with God and with myself and know that He will work through these issues with me, I am not alone with my deepest needs."

"I went over my LifeSigns with my best friend from our small group. It’s a good way to stay accountable and find ways to grow."

"I am part of a small group of six women that has been together for 15 years.  When we focused on my LifeSigns report, I was able to pull together a good plan for the next year, and follow up for years ahead."
"The follow-up on this regarding the actionable steps is so important, but it often feels un-natural, especially for men.   We’re working to integrate LifeSigns into our small groups. Thanks!"
"At first, I really did NOT want to do LifeSigns. Probably the only reason I did was because my Life Group leader said they would be making themselves available to individually talk through our results. I guess that's actually the point of accountability. :)"
"It allowed me to voice my true feelings and to be honest with God about my deepest and darkest thoughts, my needs that are not being met, and my desire to know Him better.  I long to have a Group with whom I can be authentic to whom I can be accountable.  I sometimes fake it so people won’t know I really need help in certain areas."
"The next step for “horizontal conversation” includes option of connecting into one of our small groups and offers the names and locations of Community Pastors to help people connect."

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